Do You Know Someone Trapped in Addiction?
… We’re Here to Help.

BC Teen Challenge exists to see men and women SET FREE
from life-controlling problems and addictions.  

380251_302536909764194_693566516_nWe are a faith-based residential program for people struggling with various addictions. The ministry of Teen Challenge began in 1958 by reaching out to youth in the slums of New York City. Today in British Columbia, our core program focuses on helping men and women 19 and up, as we also seek to prevent addiction among teens.

We recognize that addiction can take numerous forms and includes, but is not limited to, drug and alcohol abuse. Based on a fundamental conviction that addictive behaviour is the result of deeper issues, our primary goal is not to simply stop the addiction and related deviant behaviour, but to develop a whole new way of living: one free from compulsive and destructive behaviour.

BC Teen Challenge has four centres across the province: in Chilliwack, Okanagan, Vancouver Island, and Abbotsford (three for men and one for women). Our program is usually completed in 12 months, and includes educational training, spiritual guidance, and practical work experience. Teen Challenge endeavours to help people become mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, physically well and spiritually alive!

> BC Teen Challenge not only provides a recovery program, it provides a RESTORATION program. <